Healthy Eating- It Isn’t All About Physical Benefits

We are all aware of the importance of eating healthy. Without the right diet, living the life we would all like to live is difficult, keeping the energy levels high and being able to do the things we enjoy. It's not just about a good diet's physical benefits though. Eating the right things can also have a good effect on your mental well-being.
The truth is there is a connection between mental health and physical health. If you eat too little, or too much of the wrong thing, then you will suffer both physically and mentally for it. Your brain needs nourishment almost as much as your body, and a lack of protein in your diet will lead to depression starting or worsening.
If you are suffering from depression then one of the disease 's major negative effects is a lack of energy, a situation that affects your ability to fight the condition. It's important to eat the right food because while depression sufferers sometimes say they don't want to eat at all, it's important to make the effort. Rather than eating "comfort food" – which is seldom very comfortable – it can help you get some fresh fruit and veg, as well as pasta or potato carbohydrates.
Drinking lots of fluid is important for mental health, too. Ideally, five or more glasses of water a day will prevent you from becoming dehydrated and depriving your body and mind of the so important fuel. It is essential to have the energy and sharpness to send the symptoms of depression packing and your diet will play a major part in that.


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